Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How to bargain in India

When you are in India all the locals think you are a millionaire. In most of the cases we are not rich and we only want to get some nice stuff to take home, and obviously we want to get it for a good price. So here are some tips about how to bargain based on my experience in India.

1. Look around for similar items before going for some serious bargaining.

2. Yes, some of the sellers seem very poor and still if the product is cheap for you the seller will try to cheat you because you are a foreigner. So forget your humanistic sense and focus: This is a business. In that moment you are not Mother Teresa, you are a business man.

3. After you have your mind focused on the item, ask the price, How much sir?. Try to be polite, the seller will access easier to your requirements.

4. Now suppose the seller tells you 1000 Rs. Ok, so probably the item will be 1/4 of that price. In that case, 250 Rs.

5. Get some time to bargain. Be cool and relax. In most of the cases this will take some time, don't be impatient. Otherwise you will lose.

6. Always say: very expensive!. expensive sir!. very expensive!

7. Don't show big amounts of money in your wallet. Never pull out your wallet either. The seller will assume that you are prepared to pay.

8. The seller will end up asking you: What is your final price sir? Then you take the 10% of the first offer and say it...yes, it's nothing but do it. He will probably laugh to you but be patient. The price will immediately be dropped to a small amount.

9. Keep saying very expensive!. expensive sir!. very expensive!.

10. If the shop keeper isn't dropping the price enough, walk away slowly (acting like you don't want it). The seller will follow you or will step out of his store calling you: Sir!, Sir!, Sir!. If this doesn't happen means you are actually offering a crap price.

11. Go back to the store and close the deal or go to another store with a better perspective of the prices.

12. And finally, You have to enjoy this. Now, don't get used to and start doing it everywhere, even at the Apple Store. Sir, this iMac is very expensive!, How much for the iPhone?

Have you got some more handy tips? share them below! :)


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  2. The infallible rule is to walk away without showing much interest in the article.

    If you are female they are going to ask you much more, so use your "feminine charm" (with indians it works in a easily way);)

    No matter what price you pay — if the sales guy is smiling when you leave — guess who won…

    And don't forget the prhase: "Come on baya!! I'm living in your country and paying taxes for it". With it, they will know that you know the real prices and maybe you can get a better negociation

  3. you have learned much buddy. loved it