Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to make eggs on toast by two Engineers

Muñoz (A): dude, I don't know what to have for breakfast :(
Me(B): mate, 2 eggs on toast. I mean 2 eggs 3 breads...
toast the breads and you just throw the eggs on them ..
A: :O, It takes a lot of time, I'm just gonna make microwave potatoes :)
remember I don't like cooking
B: It doesn't take a lot of time nigglet and remember
Eggs are protein :"Michael Phelps eats 8 eggs daily",
they make you chubby :) and your brain works better
A: The potatoes are ready in 0.5 min, What do you usually have for breakfast?
B: Generally 2 eggs, 3 breads, orange juice and cereals
A: and you do it by yourself???? :O
B: of course boss
A: How on hell you get so much time?
B: It's 5 mins
A: Bullshit!, time it!, the heating up of the pan by itself is 3 minutes
B: look, 0:00 minute: I open the fridge (Probably you won't need a fridge with your climate..
It makes things cold by itself :) )
A: I do need a fridge!
B: Ok, open the imaginary fridge, get everything
A: It's 1 minute already taking everything
B: How come? are you disabled or what?
A: lol, dude... 1 minute getting everything... I'm serious
B: Listen: 0.5 mins, everything out of the fridge, turn on the stove and put the pan on,
while this is heating up, you serve the juice
A: While it gets hot it's gonna take 2 mins, at least here
B: Is it gas?
A: No, people here use energy
B: Such a losers...
A: We have nuclear plants... you loser
B: But they contaminate and if they blow up ! ?
A: You won't see me again on twitter :)
B: Well, same happens if my gas stove blows up :)
look man, but if it's teflon is faster. Do you know teflon was discovered in a NASA project to get a new solid lubricant able to resist high temperatures?
A: Oh, yes, but that's not true. Check this out
B: Ok, it's hot already 1.5 min, I pass the butter on the pan and break the eggs, throw the eggs 2mins
A: mental wanking!, but maybe it's true... India is hotter than Denmark
B: While this happens get the cereal ready, and put everything back in the fridge.
"Parallel processing", you see? 5 mins
A: Multitasking
B: Well, I have two hands
A: mmm. Ok... How do you toast your bread?
B: I don't toast it, I just put it closer to the pan so it warms by itself :)
A: :O
B: The washing is the worst part but listen to my Sensei advice
Before throwing the eggs on the bread make sure the breads totally cover the plate area, no holes are allowed.
Otherwise the yolk is gonna spill on the plate then it's more difficult to wash the plate. In case everything works perfect just use a little bit of water :)
A: lol, I'm going to try
B: OK, time it.


  1. You losers, you can't wash a dish at the time! you need at least ten dishes and then wash! you dumb rich water spenders.