Monday, March 22, 2010

The reasons why It's so Gracious !!

I used to believe blogs were crap and bloggers were people with nothing to do. How wrong I was... Then I realized how Idiot I am and I can't believe how I've been living 23 pleasure years without a blog... Anyway, these are some of the reasons to decide starting my blog. late... but how we say in spanish "más vale tarde que nunca" or better late than never.

1. My Indian friend Manish encouraged me to do it.
2. I don't have anything really important to do in these days.
3. I'm funny sometimes and I can be a good blogger if i try tho...
4. I'm in India. So if i just say something about India is gonna be interesting

and the most important:

5. I read the 100 hundred things to do before you die list and the 89 is "create your own website".

So I hope you enjoy it and be active in comments....



  1. Not bad to start!
    I'll be following it :)

  2. When you go back to Colombia and me too, we can have a good coffee in "El Tejadito", I really like and miss that place, but in my case just because of the good "pandebonos" that they sell there.

    About the beautiful girls, I agree, but I cannot say many things about this because "you know my situation" hahahha.

    And don't worry, I have felt the "Mal de vereda" too, specially in Scotland.

    Keep in touch, and I will be following your blog as well. Take care man.