Monday, March 22, 2010

Tejadito times

I will explain what Tejadito is for those who don't know it.... I come from a city where women glow and they are really beautiful, the one who is below standards will pick up some day... that's the life cycle OR 'Beauty Cycle' of Medellin women. So now, think of the best university of the city where all beauties go to study, and now think of a special place - a spot - where these girls gather everyday -all day-, yes that is the Tejadito Coffee Shop...

I used to go with my friends to that place -the spot- almost every day... have some coffee, "pandebonos", cheese cake or simply in the next cafeteria dunkin donuts. What can you do if an awesome girl passed in front of you... three things:
1. look at her normally and naturally
2. stare at her (Stalker mode)
3. look at other places and try to ignore her... but this is not going to work because in other places will be more girls so you just be like an old fan... look at the floor???, no!, look at your friends???. worse!...

To look at her normally and naturally is the obvious thing, and frankly that's what I used to do...

Now, I'm in India... I haven't seen a good chick in almost 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I haven't even seen any good coffee shop too.

Is that fair?. NO. I'm getting something we call in my city "mal de vereda" or "village disease", let me explain that with cars. One of my best friends always says you can explain life with cars and football. Ok. so now imagine a town full of Ferraris, then if you see a BMW you will probably say: It's crap... On the other hand if you see the same BMW in a village full of Renaults 4... you will say: dude, BMW rocks.

Now I have a little bit of village disease, so I see some girls and I find them nice; five issues:

1. They generally are married, how do I know? I cautiously look at her toes, if she is wearing rings in both feet toes.. damn, you are lost. She is married. What if she is not wearing sandals(jandals, flip -flops, thongs)?. I haven't found this case but generally they would wear a black necklace.
2. They are taken, it's not good to try to approach to a guy's girlfriend.
3. They have a kind of mustache - believe me-
4. They are wearing Saris (Indian traditional woman clothes) so you can't know what is inside. I mean.. the shape or silhouette is not recognizable at all. So it could be a nice secret or a really bad surprise.
5. You just don't even know how to approach to them.

Conclusion: I will join in meditation classes next week and when I get to Colombia first thing I'll do is have a nice colombian coffee in "El tejadito".


  1. Well, what can I say...
    Shit happens all the Time!

    PS: I would suggest you to Think a lot about pandebonos, pandequesos and coffee... all the time hahahaha

    Have a good one!

  2. Santi...
    Try to enjoy there, and try don't thinking about this stuff, otherwise you will get mad until you come back to "El tejadito"
    And don't miss the meditation classes.
    Be careful because the villaje desease can bring unintended consequences ;)
    Keep writing!

  3. Parce, Im having the same problem as you ... Im in a village full of ferraries :D and only the BMWs are approachables :D

  4. sorry man but I can not agree.
    the beauties of the Czech Republic ;)

  5. Jehu, those are major leagues... out of contest

  6. Santiago, go visit the northern India (I know that you already have that plan). You will have some relief and you will get some good coffee shop too (visit Indian Coffee house in Calcutta, where I used to visit).
    You won't believe it pal, I am from northern India, and I am here also suffering from village disease same as you :)